23 June 2010, Wednesday, 15:33

Emergency situation regime is established in Bashkortostan because of draught

author: Mikhail Sytin

Emergency situation regime is established in 36 municipal areas and two urban districts because of the drought that set in there. The Prime Minister of the RB Government Rail Sarbaev has signed the respective order N653-r.

The Prime Minister emphasized the necessity of emergency measures during the yesterday's videoconferencing with heads of administrations.

Rail Sarbaev also said that the apprehended draught damage would come to 6.4 billion roubles and the most affected sector was feeding area: permanent grasses are half lost and green food is 90% ruined.

Thus, due to the loss of crops caused by abnormally dry weather The RB Ministry of Agriculture is instructed to elaborate a plan of actions on reduction of the damage, and heads of administrations are to create emergency response centres and to take measures on mitigation of post-effect of draught and harvesting of the rest of crops.