18 June 2010, Friday, 14:36

The regional branch of «United Russia» and Children's Republican Fund have concluded the Cooperation Agreement

author: Marina Shumilova

The Cooperation Agreement between Bashkortostan regional branch of «United Russia» party and the Republican branch of the Russian Children's Fund is concluded today in Ufa. The agreement was signed by Konstantin Tolkachev, the secretary of Regional political council of the party, the Chairman of the State Assembly — Kurultay RB and Nina Fedjanina, the chairman of Children's Fund RB.

— The Children's Fund has been working in our republic for already 32 years and its main objective is rendering the charitable help to children-orphans, to children-invalids, to children faced emergency situations, — Nina Fedjanina marked at  the ceremony of signing of the Agreement. — The Fund  activity is defined by separate social programs: «Hearty Home», «Foster Homes», «Children-invalids», «Young talents» and others. Only in 2009, the Republican branch of Children's fund worked under 12 all-Russian and three republican programs. The Children's Fund has signed the Cooperation Agreement with the Bashkortostan Republic Government for 2009-2013, and also with a number of bodies, enterprises, commercial companies allowing to render more effective help to children.

Konstantin Tolkachev has assured Nina Fedjanina that the United Russia members of the republic will support  the Children's Fund in its honourable activity.