17 June 2010, Thursday, 16:09

At the Academy of Arts Students Theatre the play "Storm" by Ostrovsky opened

author: Alexandra Lebedeva

There was an opening night of the play by Alexander Ostrovsky "Storm" at the Zagir Ismagilov Academy of Arts Students Theatre, which director was the promising student of the fourth year Irina Ibragimova. The performance became the pre-graduation work of the director-beginner.

— We have started working over the Russian classics already during the second year and exactly for this reason I have chosen one of the most interesting compositions from the point of view of creativity— Alexander Ostrovsky's "Storm", — Irina Ibragimova, the director shared with the reporter of "Bashinform" agency.

As she said it was the most difficult to work with actors:

— After all much depends from ability to explain correctly what you want from others.

The director considers that the most interesting is the process of transformation in your own hands of original material into something new.

themes: perfomance