14 June 2010, Monday, 16:16

Delegation RB will take part in the Saint-Petersburg’s sabantuy

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The multinational festival of the plough (sabantuy) will take place in the village SYARGI, Leningrad region, organized by the Fund “Saint-Petersburg’s Sabantuy”.

Delegation from several Russian regions and of different nationalities and religions will take part in this festival.

The festival’s program’s includes several projects, prepared by the national-cultural centers: presentation of the Bashkir jurt, Tatar village, different national cookeries, various sport competitions, including belt wrestling, mass sales of Bashkir honey and souvenirs etc.

The sabantuy in Saint-Petersburg has long ago become the real pantry for the national traditions. In 2003 this festival was included into the list of the masterpieces of UNESCO oral and non-material heritage.

The festival is appointed on June 26.

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