10 June 2010, Thursday, 17:17

Dmitry Medvedev welcomes participants of the III World Bashkir kurultay

author: news-service of President RB

The President of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev sent a complimentary address to the President RB Murtaza Rakhimov, participants, guests and delegates of the III World Bashkir kurultay:

“Dear friends!

Let me welcome the participants and guests of the III World Bashkir kurultay. Your forum is called to contribute to further development of culture of the Bashkir nation and widening of the contacts between your compatriots in CIS and non-CIS countries as well as between the representatives of the Bashkir nation, living in different Russian regions. I’m sure the kurultay will serve for consolidation of international and inter-religious harmony in the Republic, making weighty contribution to preservation and increase of the cultural and spiritual variety of Russia.

I wish you successful work and all the best,

D.A. Medvedev”.