10 June 2010, Thursday, 16:38

The President of Bashkortostan: “We will continue proving federalism is the future of Russia!”

author: Sergey Zakharov

“We will continue proving that federalism is the future of Russia! We will further contend that multinational Russia needs strong state policy, which puts the historically existing state formations of the country on the top” – Murtaza Rakhimov mentioned in his report.

“I am sure that thanks to the purposefulness and striving for the knowledge and the ideals of kindness and justice, peculiar to Bashkirs, Bashkortostan will further hold a worthy place in the staff of Russian Federation, reviving itself as the great Eurasian state! International cooperation is our priority! Modernization of the Republic and the nation is our goal that’s why we look into tomorrow day with the confidence” – the President RB underscored.