09 June 2010, Wednesday, 17:20

Dalaris Imilbaev: “We mustn’t loose our roots”

author: Sergey Zakharov

The chairman of the Bashkir community in the city of Yalta, Crimea, Dalaris Imilbaev heads this public organization for more than 15 years. At the III World Bashkir Kurultay (Congress) he is going to represent the southern regions of Ukraine.

“We don’t loose our roots, studying the history of our nation and holding literary evening parties. Local TV and radio always cover our arrangements without problems” – he stated to the news agency “Bashinform”.

He has underscored the Bashkir nation is held in high respect in Ukraine. At present time about 1500 Bashkirs live in Crimea and about 150 families settle in Yalta.

“I expect the exchange with experience from the World Bashkir Congress. We'd like to know how Bashkir people work and live in other regions. The doors of our cultural center are always open wide for everybody and we don't divide people by a national sign" — Dalaris Imilbaev reported.