09 June 2010, Wednesday, 18:20

More than 40 imams gathered to take part in the refresher courses in Miakinsky region RB

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The refresher courses for imams have taken place in Miakinsky region of Bashkortostan yesterday, organized by the Clerical Muslim Dept RB. More than 40 imams from Miakinsky and other Bashkir regions gathered to take part in it. The deputy chairman of the Clerical Muslim dept RB for education, external and public relations Ruslan Sayakhov and the pedagogue of the International Islamic University Al-Azkhar sheikh Muhammad Hindi have taken the floor before the audience.

This is already the sixth refresher courses since the beginning of the year, organized by the Clerical Muslim Dept RB, and this form of additional education for imams from the remote Bashkir regions has become traditional. It is not just useful but convenient too because allows saving time and money of the imams and doesn’t require their arrival in Ufa.

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