08 June 2010, Tuesday, 14:28

UMPO starts using a new heat-resisting alloy

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The usage of progressive technologies and innovational materials at JSC “UMPO” allows not just improving the quality of its wares but saving rather substantial sums. Thus, one year ago instead of nichrome several workshops of UMPO started using the less expensive material — eurofekhral in the heating elements of the equipment.

“This word still sounds unusually for the ear but the foundries and hardening plants have already estimated this novelty” – specialists of the plant say.

As the plant’s specialists report, eurofekhral excels nichrome in some exploitation parameters: The maximal working temperature of the new alloy makes up 1350oC, while nichrome has just 1200. Besides, this heat-resisting allow is cheaper by its staff. For example, the expensive nickel is absent in it. The usage of eurofekhral has already saved about six million rubles for the enterprise.