07 June 2010, Monday, 15:54

6915 people have suffered from tick stings in Bashkortostan

author: Galya Nabieva

According to information of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights in RB 6915 people have suffered from the tick stings in the Republic, including 28% of kids.

The laboratory “The Centre of hygiene and epidemiology in Republic of Bashkortostan” has examined 3424 ticks since April 1, 2010, and 58 ticks (1,7%) were infected with the virus of the tick encephalitis.

Specialists of the laboratory make the antibody vaccination to the people, suffered from the stings. 1659 people have already received such medical care, including 1184 children.

At present time no cases of the tick encephalitis are registered in Bashkortostan.