01 June 2010, Tuesday, 14:25

Ufa welcomes photo-painters from TURKSOY countries

author: Alfia Agliullina

The VI international art laboratory of photo-painters from the countries – members of TURKSOY starts working in Ufa today. This wide-scaled action is organized by the international organization for joint development of Turk culture and art (TURKSOY) jointly with the Ministry of culture and national politics RB. It is held in Ufa for the first time.

During 16 days the photo-painters (about 20 people from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Tuva, Crimea, Cyprus, Iran, Khakassia, Chuvashia and Yakutia) will work in Ufa and nearby. They’ll participate in the actions of the III World Bashkir Kurultay, in the sabantuy and in the Bashkir folklore festival in Ishimbaysky region RB.

Today the guests will see the places of interest in Ufa. Tomorrow the painters will take part in the ceremony of opening of the photo-exhibition of Bashkir masters and participants of TURKSOY art laboratories.

On June 3 the photographers will be divided into different groups, going to different Bashkir regions to start working there.