31 May 2010, Monday, 18:11

The bill of the student from Bashkortostan will be considered by Russian State Duma

author: Rasul Hamidullin

A member of the World Bashkir Kurultay Youth Council’s executive committee Azat Badranov has won the all-Russian contest “My law-making initiative”. His work has won the first place in the nomination “Education, science, health protection and culture”. For the contest he introduced the bill about state support of youth science in Russian Federation.

“The determination of the notions “youth science” and “young scientist” at the legislative level is the key moment of my bill” – Azat Badranov explained – “The necessity to develop state backstopping of this direction has also become an important part of my proposal. The state of youth science today demands closer attention of our state structures”.

The student of the Institute of Law under the Bashkir State University Azat Badranov was rewarded with the diploma of the first degree for his work. It is included into the collection of the best contest’s projects and this collection will be distributed among the profiled committees of Russian State Duma for further consideration.