31 May 2010, Monday, 15:51

The TV-studio “Bashkortostan” presents a new feature film about youth “My Star”

author: Alexandra Lebedeva

The first demonstration of the feature film in Bashkir language “My Star” will take place in Ufa on May 31. The new film is shot by the TV-studio “Bashkortostan”. Tansulpan Burakaeva is the producer and her sister Zukhra Burakaeva has become the script writer. The soloist of the Bashkir rock-band “BURELAR” Ilshat Abdullin plays the main role. This is the film about the destiny of a young rock-musician. He goes his own way in spite of any difficulties and every thing he wants is to gather his own band and to start creating. As it is already said the film is issued in Bashkir language but as its producer says, they intend to write the subtitles in Russian and other languages in order to increase the film’s audience not only inside the Republic but beyond too.

themes: cinema