27 May 2010, Thursday, 19:43

The Art Museum by Michael Nesterov celebrates its 90th anniversary

author: Alfia Agliullina

The celebrities in the honor of the 90th anniversary of the Bashkir State Art Museum by Michael Nesterov – the main keeper of the Republican art heritage – are held in Ufa today and the jubilee exposition, where all best works, taken from the museum’s store-rooms, are demonstrated, is opened by the jubilee date.

“The festive exhibition includes the art of Russia, Western Europe and Eastern countries, the examples of Bashkir folk art and all the best, created by the masters of fine arts RB” – the main keeper of the museum Valentine Sorokina tells – “Here we can see the works of Michael Nesterov himself, Alexander Burziantsev, Boris Domashnikov, Achmat Lutfullin, the unique collections of porcelain, engravings, sculpture, applied art and other things. Our museum fund counts more than 11 thousand exhibits”.