27 May 2010, Thursday, 15:44

Statistical information about consumer basket and subsistence wage

author: Elvira Latypova

The subsistence wage in Bashkortostan is equal to 4751 rubles per capita. This figure is determined by the statisticians after the first quarter of the year.

In republics, districts and provinces of the Ural region this index varies from 4655 rubles in Udmurtia to 5663 rubles in Perm region.

The value of the subsistence wage is taken from the consumer basket, the data about the level of food prices, nonfood prices and services and from the expenses for obligatory payments and fees.

The statisticians calculate this index separately for every of three demographic groups: able-bodied population, pensioners and kids. In Bashkortostan the subsistence wage for these three categories made up correspondingly 5074, 3892 and 4648 rubles.

The consumer basket in Bashkortostan in the first quarter cost 4442 rubles on average and it was cheaper only in Udmurtia – 4347 rubles. The most expensive consumer basket is registered in Perm region – 5254 rubles. This is the average index. For able-bodied population the cost of the minimal set of foods in Bashkortostan made up 4559 rubles,3892 rubles for pensioners and 4648 – for kids.