17 May 2010, Monday, 18:21

UPPO actively attracts federal means for production modernization

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The overall volume of investments to the technical rearmament of the metalworking workshops at the federal state unitary enterprise “The Ufa’s instrument-making production association” (UPPO) has made up about 18 million rubles in 2009. The federal budget has appropriated 15 million rubles and the rest sum was the own means of UPPO.

In 2009 UPPO joined the federal program “Development of the defense-industrial complex of Russian Federation in 2007-2010 and for the period till 2015” to the theme “Technical rearmament and reconstruction of metalworking workshops (including design and survey works)” and this work was done within the frames of the investment projects and renovation of UPPO main assets.

Thanks to joining the federal program the enterprise received the real chance to modernize many of its bottlenecks. Thus, the machinery of the plant has long ago become out of date and the wear of the main assets reached 80,5%. Now this situation has become much better.

Thus, the plant has acquired six foreign milling machines: two vertical processing centers “Acumen 900” and four universal models “LW-2T”. One year earlier two milling machines “Schaublin 100 CNC” and “Schaublin 48V” have been put into exploitation. All this machinery is meant for processing of the details of a complex configuration with high precision (up to 0,005 millimeters) and quality.

It is worth adding the plant’s output faces high demand and recommended itself quite good during the exploitation period. The plant always pays prior attention to the aspects of quality.