17 May 2010, Monday, 14:10

The external trade circulation RB grew up 2,3 times

author: Elvira Latypova

The external trade circulation RB in the first quarter of 2010 made up 2,3 billion USD (+231% to the same period of time in 2009). According to information of the Ministry of industry and external economic relations RB (found in the process of reorganization now) this is the maximal result of the first quarter for the whole history of external economical activity in the region.

The export in January-March-2010 made up 2219,5 million USD – by 167% more than in January-March-2009. The volume of import operation is equal to 93,9 million USD — +55%. The trade balance makes up 2125,6 million USD.

At the beginning of the year Bashkortostan maintained external trade relations with 81 countries. Republican output was purchased in 75 countries and various goods were imported from 52 states.