13 May 2010, Thursday, 14:42

Journalists RB are invited to join the contest for the best coverage of innovational activity

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The journalist contest for the best coverage of innovational activity is announced in Bashkortostan. In 2010 the contest will be held for the fourth time and it is held in accordance with the Republican goal-oriented innovational program RB for 2008-2010. The contest is organized by the Ministry of industry, investment and innovational policy RB with the assistance of the press, publishing and polygraphy dept under the Government RB, the Academy of sciences RB, the Trade-Industry Chamber RB and the Union of Journalists RB.

The goals of the contest are: the attraction of attention of the state and business structures to popularization of science, to the problems of scientific-technological, educational and innovational spheres, the support of the mass-media, specializing in formation of the regional innovational market, scientific, technological and production potential RB, the rise of activity of scientists, researchers, engineers, inventors, pupils and students in sphere of rationalization activity and invention.