11 May 2010, Tuesday, 14:44

Federal sabantuy-2010 to be held in Izhevsk

author: Marina Shumilova

The capital of Udmurtia Izhevsk, celebrating its 250th anniversary this year, will hold the federal sabantuy-2010 and as the Russian e-mass-media report, for the first time Udmurtia was competing with other Russian regions for the right to hold this popular national festival on its territory.

Quick reconstruction of the city hippodrome, where the horse races are to be held, is one of the main directions in the preparations for the Sabantuy-2010. The renovated hippodrome will become a good gift by the jubilee of Izhevsk. It is expected the festival will be held on three main sites of the city at one and the same time. As a rule more than 20 various sport and national competitions are held during the feast and it is expected about 1000 guests from 60 Russian regions will join the federal festival of the plough-2010.