11 May 2010, Tuesday, 10:02

Students from Sterlitamac have taken part in Turkmen festival in Turkey

author: Akhat Salikhov

The students from the Sterlitamac’s State Pedagogical Academy by Zainab Biisheva have taken part in the international festival of Turkmen nomads in the Turkish town of Balykesir.

As it is known, Turkmen nomadic tribes had played an important role in formation of the modern Turkish nation and at present time Turkish Turkmen, engaged in cattle-breeding, still live in the remote regions of Turkish Anatolia. The Turkmen clans can be found in the Bashkir genealogies too.

During the festival the students from Bashkortostan have taken part in various cultural actions and Timur Usmanov has sung a Bashkir national song.