28 April 2010, Wednesday, 15:46

Motor race, devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Victory, started in VERHNIE KIGI today

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

The motor race, devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, started in the village VERHNIE KIGI – the administrative center of Kiginsky region RB today. The pre-planned route is: VERHNIE KIGI – LEUZA – ELANLINO, DUSHANBEKOVO and NIZNIE KIGI. In every settlement the participants of the motor race intend to meet with the veterans of the war and with local pupils. Besides, the cars will stop near all monuments of war on their way – near the obelisks and memorial boards and in the village culture homes. The motor-race will be over in the Victory Park of the village VERHNIE KIGI.

themes: motor race