23 April 2010, Friday, 13:56

“St George Ribbon-2010” has to become the real symbol of the 65th anniversary of the Victory

author: Nikolai Ermolenko | photo: Elena Ledyaykina

The action “St George Ribbon-2010”, dated to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory, officially started in Russia on Thursday, April 22, and would last till May 9. It is traditionally held since 2005 and actively held in Greece, France Italy, the Great Britain, the USA, Germany, China, Vietnam and Belgium.

The St George ribbon is the attribute of plenty of military awards of Russian Empire, the USSR and modern Russia. Its colors — black and orange – stand for “smoke and flame” and are the sign of personal bravery of a soldier, displayed in a battle.

The action begins with the distribution of these ribbons, identical to the St George ribbon by the form and the colors, by the volunteers among population. This ribbon should be stuck to a car, to a lapel etc.

In Bashkortostan the distribution of the ribbons started since April 16.