22 April 2010, Thursday, 11:52

The growth of sickness rate with acute respiratory virus diseases is observed in Bashkortostan

author: Galya Nabieva

14789 people have ached with the acute respiratory virus infections in Bashkortostan for the last week. As compared with the previous week the growth made up 1058 people. Children, aged less than 14, make up 71,6% (10582) of the total number of the patients.

According to information of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights in RB 4991 people are diagnosed with flu and acute respiratory diseases and the sickness rate with flue and acute respiratory virus diseases in Ufa is lower than the epidemic threshold by 27,9%.

The immunization of population against the high-pathogenic flu A/H1N1 among employees of health and social sphere, employees of state and municipal educational institutions, students and kids is going on in the Republic.