20 April 2010, Tuesday, 16:52

The cheapest internet is in Volga and Ural zones

author: Elvira Latypova

The speed of internet access in Russian regions – without taking Moscow and Saint-Petersburg into account – has grown up thrice for the last year, exceeding 1100Kb/sec. The cheapest internet is in Volga and Ural zones, the YANDEX information bulletin, devoted to development of internet in different Russian regions, reports.

The monthly internet-audience reached 39,7 million people – 34% of Russian population, older than 18. In 2009 the spreading of internet in Russia has increased by more than 20%.

Volga region holds the fourth place in the country by the index of internet spreading and the Central federal district stands on the first as expected. The South and the North-Caucasian federal districts stand on the last line. The Volga federal district also holds the fourth place by the activity of internet users. Here the Far East holds the leadership and the Central federal district (without Moscow) stands at the bottom of the list.