19 April 2010, Monday, 18:18

Days of culture RB have taken place in Saint-Petersburg

author: Ulay Magsumov

Long-term economical and cultural relations bind Saint-Petersburg and Bashkortostan. Thus, the friendship and cooperation agreement has been signed between our regions in 2005. In the years of the Great Patriotic War many citizens of blockaded Leningrad were evacuated to Bashkortostan and thousand soldiers from our Republic defended the city from fascist invaders.

Students also contribute their share to our cooperation. About 2 thousand young people from Bashkortostan study at different educational institutions of Saint-Petersburg. Many of them are registered in the Bashkir youth association “AZAMAT”.

It is pleasant that artists from Bashkortostan make their shows in Saint-Petersburg, their performances always meet high success – these were the words of our compatriots who came to watch the show of the masters of Arts from Bashkortostan during the Days of Bashkir culture. More than three and a half thousand representatives of local Bashkir diaspora gathered at the show to listen to the songs of their motherland.