19 April 2010, Monday, 10:14

Secondary dwelling market of Ufa: the ‘bottom” is passed and investments are protected from inflation

author: Elvira Latypova

The experts mark the growth of prices in the secondary housing market of Ufa for the 12th week successively. For the last week the average cost of one square meter has grown up by 0,4% — to 42,05 thousand rubles.

All segments of the market turned out to be in advantage except the flats with many rooms, which cost remained unchanged. For today the average offer price for secondary one-room flats in Ufa makes 44, 51 thousand rubles for one square meter, two-room flats – 41,9 thousand, three-room flats – 39,89 thousand and flats with more than three rooms- 40,71 thousand. The average cost of elite dwelling is 58,2 thousand rubles for one meter.

The abovementioned parameters are the prices, asked by the realtors, but in the course of a haggling they drop by 5-10% as a rule.

The index of Ufa dwelling yield makes minus 8,0 bank deposits, the market index of hypothec crediting is equal to 12,5% of interest per annum and the index of hypothec credit availability makes 0,4.

themes: realty, prices