17 April 2010, Saturday, 17:44

Three billion rubles is appropriated for innovational development of Russian institutes

author: Ulay Magsumov

Three billion rubles is appropriated for development of the innovational infrastructure at Russian institutes in 2010 in accordance with the corresponding decree of the Russian Government.

The state support of development of the innovational structure at Russian institutes is provided for creation of the innovational environment and for development of closer interaction between Russian educational institutions and industrial enterprises.

As it is said in the decree, the budget means will be allocated according to the results of the contest of the innovational programs, including the support of innovational small business. Educational institutions, specialized in fundamental and applied researches in the prior directions of science, technique and technologies, may become the participants of the contest.

The beginning and the terms of the contest will be announced on the official site of the Russian Ministry of education and science.