16 April 2010, Friday, 17:21

“IMMUNOPREPARAT” has produced medications for the sum of almost half a million rubles

author: Guselle Usupova | photo: Oleg Yarovikov

In the first quarter 2010 the Ufa’s enterprise “IMMUNOPREPARAT” has manufactured various medications for the sum of 482 million 752 thousand rubles. The manufacturing plan is carried out by 101,2% and the index of physical volume made up 323,2%.

As compared with 2009 the plant has increased its output by several medical preparations, including “PANDEFLU” (the vaccine against virus H1N1), “HONDROLON” (the medication against arthropathy), “ADCM-ANATOKSIN” (the immune-biological preparation against diphtheria and tetanus) and some others. The plant increased the output of the anti-virus preparation “INTERFERON” (for prophylactics and treatment of flu) and “PROSTAKOR” (for treatment of chronic prostatitis).