15 April 2010, Thursday, 11:33

Epidemiologic situation in Bashkortostan is stable

author: Galya Nabieva

The Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights in Bashkortostan reports in the first quarter 2010 the epidemiologic situation in the Republic can be characterized as stable. From the beginning of the year only 236,7 thousand cases of infections and parasitic diseases have been registered in the Republic, including flue and acute respiratory-virus diseases – 94,4%.

At the same time the growth of sickness rate with acute enteric infections was registered in Bashkortostan. For the last three months this index made up 125,3 cases per 100 thousand people. The growth of sickness rate with salmonella is observed too and the highest peaks of sickness rate are registered on the territories of Ufa, Ufimsky and Alsheevsky regions.

By other groups of infections the epidemiologic situation remains calm.