14 April 2010, Wednesday, 10:50

Exhibition “The Beauty, watched by a Heart” is open in Ufa

author: Irene Bakke

The exhibition “The Beauty, watched by a Heart” is open at the Ufa city library N6, where more than 55 pictures of the ancient Russian churches are demonstrated. The pictures represent excellently done computer copies and the exhibition has become possible thanks to the work, made by the employees of the Samara Computer Technologies Center “The Rainbow”. The copies preserve 95% of the original color.

The churches of the ancient Russian towns of Uglitch, Rostov the Great and Pereyaslavl-Zalessky amaze by the greatness of the Russian architecture. The St. Nicholas feminine monastery, represented by the picture, was founded in 1350 and the Church of Theodore Stratilat was dated by the XVI century. Many churches of the State Museum “Rostov Kremlin” belong to the second half of the XVII century. The church architecture as a kind of art allows joining the younger generation to the highest spiritual values.

themes: exhibitions