13 April 2010, Tuesday, 14:52

Local production of jurts is launched in Mechetlinsky region of Bashkortostan

author: Marina Shumilova

One can’t imagine any national feast in Bashkortostan without a colorful Bashkir jurt. Jurt is not just a symbol of the national Bashkir culture but the decoration of any celebrity and production of jurts attracts more and more masters in the Republic. Thus, local production of jurts was launched in Mechetlinsky region RB since December 2009. The individual businessman Zufar Zainetdinov from the village Suleimanovo went in for this national manufacturing. First he had taken the credit in a bank and purchased necessary equipment and lathes. Two joiners Raif Dusmukhametov and Zagir Fazylov are busy with the assembling of the jurt frameworks and two cutters sew the pieces of cloth together. The masters intend to produce both the decorative jurts, consisting of several sections, and the traditional jurts, more similar to the jurts of the ancient Bashkirs, including the heated variants with the usage of felt. Taking the growing demand into account one can be sure the masters won’t stay orderless.