08 April 2010, Thursday, 15:07

“Bashselkhoztechnika” is included into encyclopedia “The best people of Russia-2010”

author: Galya Nabieva

The state unitary agricultural enterprise “BASHSELKHOZTECHNIKA” is included into the encyclopedia “The best people of Russia-2010”.

“BASHSELKHOZTECHNIKA” is the assignee of the Republican enterprise “SELKHOZTECHNIKA”, founded in April 1961 and transformed into “GOSKOMSELKHOZTECHNIKA” in 1978.

The enterprise actively cooperates with the Republican agricultural producers, assisting them in purchasing of modern machinery and supplying them with spare parts.

Since 1994 the enterprise is an agro-leasing company and an operator of the Russian JSC “AGROLEASING”. In the nearest future specialists of the enterprise intend to join the federal leasing program within the frames of the state program for development of agriculture in 2008-2012.

“BASHSELKHOZTECHNIKA” actively participates in various charitable projects and social actions, rendering moneyed assistance to children’s homes, elderly people and making charitable donations for construction of the religious objects.

The encyclopedia “The best people of Russia” is issued by the publishing house “SPETS-ADDRESS” in cooperation with the federal and regional executive power bodies.