08 April 2010, Thursday, 14:47

Today is the memorable day of Russian three-color flag and the red flag

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Today is the double memorable day for the Russian heraldry. The historical Russian three-color flag and the red flag, being the state symbol of the country during more than 70 years, have changed each other twice on April 8.

For the first time it has occurred in 1918. That time Jacob Sverdlov has made the proposal to make the red flag, playing the role of the Colors in the first months of the Soviet power, the state flag. This proposal had been unanimously approved and the Russian three-color flag, still being the national symbol of the country, was changed for the red one.

73 years later, on April, 1991, the historical three-color flag was returned to Russia as its state symbol by the decision of the governmental commission of the Russian Federation’s Ministers Council.

themes: state symbols