07 April 2010, Wednesday, 14:43

Constantine Tolkatchev: “Modernization” is one of the key ideas in the Message of the President RB

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The chairman of the State Council RB Constantine Tolkatchev called “modernization” one of the key concepts in the Presidential Message, speaking today at the public listening, devoted to the last Message of the President RB Murtaza Rakhimov to the State Council-Kurultay-RB.

“This word in the program document has very deep sense” – he said – “Because it stands not just for the technical rearmament but turns our attention to the fact hat modernization demands more complete usage of the intellectual potential and all capabilities of the Republican public institutes”.

In opinion of the speaker modernization is directly connected with the rational usage of the available specialists.

“The correct manpower policy, conducted by the Republican leadership and local self-government bodies for the last several years, allowed Bashkortostan becoming one of the leading industrial and agrarian Russian regions and one of the largest scientific-educational and cultural centers. But we have to move further, making all necessary conditions for education of well-qualified specialists and talented managers”.