06 April 2010, Tuesday, 10:46

Scientific-practical conference, devoted to urban Bashkirs to be held in Oktyabrsky on April 15

author: Marina Shumilova

The Ministry of culture and national politics RB, the World Bashkir Kurultay executive committee, Oktyabrsky town administration, the Ufa Scientific Center and the Institute of history, language and literature RB will hold the VI interregional scientific-practical conference “Urban Bashkirs: problems of language and demography” in the town of Oktyabrsky on April 15. The forum, dated to the forthcoming III World Bashkir Congress, will take place in the local office of the Ufa State Oil Technical University. Historians, ethnologists, demographers, political scientists, philologists, specialists in sphere of education, health protection and jurisprudence, interested in constructive development of Bashkir ethnos in modern conditions will take part in it plus the delegation of Bashkirs from the western regions RB.

The forum will discuss the aspects of formation of the urban Bashkir population, the lingual situation in the western regions RB, functioning of Bashkir language in urban conditions, training of national specialists, inter-ethnic contacts and problems of national self-consciousness, problems of national education in urban conditions and the problems of health and demography of urban Bashkir population.

This conference, devoted to urban Bashkirs, is traditional and held once in two years. The previous conferences were held in Ufa, Sterlitamac, Neftekamsk and Birsk.