05 April 2010, Monday, 12:00

Bashkir folk flutists from Khaibullinsky region have become the prize-winners of the contest for the prize by B. Vakhitov

author: Lilia Ataullina

The open zone contest of Bashkir folk flutists for the prize of B. Vakhitov, devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, has taken place in the town of Meleuz, Republic of Bashkortostan. The contest was held within the frames of the state program “The Nation RB” and gathered plenty of Bashkir flutists from 16 regions of Bashkortostan. The contest was held on three nominations: “Flutists-soloists”, “Professional musicians” and “Ensembles of flutists”.

The contest’s jury declared the ensemble “YALAN MONDARY” from the children’s art school of Khaibullinsky region RB the laureate of the first degree. One more representative of the same region Ildar Unusov from the village AKYAR was rewarded with the diploma of the first degree. Ramil Dautov – a pupil of the 9th grade from the village BURIBAY is called the laureate of the second degree.

It should be that mentioned more and more young people begin joining the playing the Bashkir national cane flute. The flute school in Khaibullinsky region RB contributes to popularization of the best national traditions and to preservation and development of moral, spiritual and cultural values among young people.

themes: contests