01 April 2010, Thursday, 15:02

5710 Republican families decided to use motherhood capital for improvement of their living conditions

author: Galya Nabieva

5710 owners of the state certificates for the motherhood (family) capital handed the applications concerning the usage of their means for credit repayment, including hypothec credits, taken for either acquisition or construction of housing.

According to information of the Russian Pension Fund in Bashkortostan from the beginning of realization of the federal law “The additional measures of state support for the families, having kids” the birth of 78639 second, third and the subsequent kids was registered in the Republic.  74617 people have handed the applications concerning obtaining of the corresponding state certificates. 3611 people handed the applications just for three months in 2010.

As the head of the Russian Pension Fund’s Bashkir division Foat Khantimerov reports, means are already transferred to 4783 recipients.