01 April 2010, Thursday, 14:34

Today is the Maundy Thursday

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Christians are marking the Maundy Thursday today. On this day it is used to recollect one of the most important Evangelical events – the Lords Supper, when Jesus washed the legs of his pupils, thus demonstrating the example of brotherly friendship and humility. It is considered thereby Jesus Christ had established the ceremony of Eucharist, supported by the adherents of all directions in Christianity.

The preparation for the Easter begins from the Maundy Thursday and it is considered the believers should go to the churches in order to confess and receive communion. People begin putting their homes in order, baking the Easter cakes and painting chicken eggs. It is also considered on the Maundy Thursday one has to get up early, before the sunrise and to wash oneself, thus symbolically clearing from all sins. It is remarkable that in 2010 the Christian Maundy Thursday is concurred with the Catholic one.

themes: religion