01 April 2010, Thursday, 9:11

Marsel Salimov is rewarded with International Literary Award by Sergey Mikhalkov

author: Alim Faizov

The Bashkir writer Marsel Salimov is called the laureate of the International Literary Award by Sergey Mikhalkov for the victory in the contest, announced by the international community of the writers’ unions with the assistance of the publishing house “Kessler Company” – “The best book of the year”. The collection of the writer’s short stories, published by the publishing house “KITAP” in 2009, is announced the winner in the nomination “Humor and Satire”.

Marsel Salimov is the author of 25 books, published in Ufa, Moscow and Kazan in Bashkir, Russian and Tatar languages. His works are translated in more than 40 languages and widely published in Russia and abroad. He is a full member of the Russian Academy of sciences and arts and a Corresponding Member of the Russian Literature Academy.

themes: literature