29 March 2010, Monday, 11:31

Orthodox Christians mark the beginning of the Holy Week

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The Orthodox Christians mark the beginning of the Holy Week today and traditionally this time is used to devote to the recollections about the last days of Jesus Christ’s life, his death and burial.

The days of the Holy Week were from the most ancient times deeply respected by all Christians. All services during the Holy Week are longer than usual and render the history of Jesus Christ’s life, sufferings and death. The first three days of the Week are considered a sort of the preparation of the believers for sharing the sufferings of Jesus Christ. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the believers recollect the histories about Jesus Christ’s life and the life of his pupils. Friday is devoted to the recollections about tortures of Jesus on the cross. On Saturday the Christians recollect the funeral of Jesus Christ and his coming to the hell for enunciation of the victory over death and deliverance of the souls, waiting for his arrival. On this day the services begin early n the morning and continue till the end of the day so the last Saturday songs join the solemn Easter hymns.

themes: religion