28 March 2010, Sunday, 13:48

Today is the Palm Sunday

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Christians of the world are celebrating the arrival of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem (the Palm Sunday) today. Four main evangelists – Mark, Matthias, Luke and Johann – describe the solemn arrival of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem.

According to the ancient Jewish tradition the tsars arrived in Jerusalem, sitting on either horses or donkeys, and people met them with the palm branches in their hands. The day of Jesus Christ’s entry to Jerusalem was called the Palm Sunday in the catholic tradition. But since palms don’t grow in the northern countries the Christians, living in these countries, started to use the branches of other trees.

Thus, in Russian Orthodox Church this festival is called the Pussy-Willow Sunday because palms don’t grow in Russia and pussy-willow one of the first begins blossoming out in spring. Christians come to the churches with the branches of pussy-willow or willow in their hands this day. These branches symbolize those palm branches people once had met Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.

themes: religion