26 March 2010, Friday, 16:28

Five symposiums are held within the frames of the conference “Ural-Altai: through the centuries to the future”

author: Marina Shumilova

Within the frames of the IV all-Russian scientific conference “Ural-Altai: through the centuries to the future” in Ufa five symposiums are held: “The creators of autonomous Bashkortostan”, “The endowment of Bashkortostan’s nations to the Great Patriotic War”, “Place and role of a teacher in public life”, “Historical grammars of Turk languages: state and prospects”, “Place and role of a woman in the Ural-Altai world” and the section meetings “Languages of Ural-Altai region: history and up-to-dateness”, “The history of Ural-Altai region’s nations from the point of view of the world civilization”, “Material and spiritual culture of Ural-Altai region’s nations – the world civilizatio’s heritage” and “Literature and folklore as the mouthpiece of the system of values of Ural-Altai region’s nations”.

It is planned the resolution, containing the proposals of the scientists, aimed at preservation of spiritual, scientific and cultural heritage of Russia’s nations, will be approved at the end of the conference.