26 March 2010, Friday, 10:37

Scientific conference “Ural-Altai: through the centuries to the future” is open in Ufa

author: Marina Shumilova | photo: Oleg Yarovikov

The IV all-Russian scientific conference “Ural-Altai: through the centuries to the future”, devoted to the III World Bashkir Kurultay (Congress), started working in Ufa. It is organized by the Institute of history, language and literature RB, the State Languages Council RB, the Public Chamber RB, the Assembly of Bashkortostan Nations and the Bashkir Women Union.

The conference will discuss the lingual problems in the Ural-Altai region, the history of local nations from the point of view of the world civilization development, development of material and spiritual culture, literature and folklore in the Ural-Altai region as well as the present ethnic-political situation, ethnic-cultural and ethnic-lingual processes in the region.

The first all-Russian conference “Ural-Altai: through the centuries to the future” has taken place in Altai in 2003, the second – in Ufa in 2005. The third conference was devoted to the 110th anniversary of the well-known Turk specialist, linguist, a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of sciences Nikolai Dmitriev.

The goal of the fourth conference is integration of the efforts of all Turk specialists in investigation of history and the present state of Turk languages, literatures and folklore, history and ethnography. The conference traditionally arouses high interest among Russian Turk scientists and their colleagues in CIS. Scientists from many Russian regions, CIS and foreign countries are taking part in its work.