25 March 2010, Thursday, 10:45

State support of agriculture is one of the most important priorities of Government RB

author: Sergey Zakharov

“For the last two years the scopes of direct subsidies to agrarians from the Republican budget has grown up almost three times, making 4 billion 760 million rubles in 2009. Besides, 836 units of agricultural machinery for MTS “BASHKIRSKAYA” and MTS “ZAURALIE” for the sum of two billion rubles have been acquired in 2009” – the Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev reported to parliamentarians today.

He mentioned more than eight billion rubles was appropriated for state support of the agrarians in 2009 in a whole.

Rail Sarbaev underscored that “within the frames of the program “Prior development of cattle-breeding” nine big cattle-breeding farms have been put into exploitation in 2009”. In 2010 the Government RB faces the aim on raising the efficiency of commodity production in sphere of agriculture, especially in sphere of cattle-breeding, development of small business in the country, including agricultural consumer co-operatives, specializing in purchases of agricultural output from population, Rail Sarbaev said.