24 March 2010, Wednesday, 15:44

Erection of Friendship House is initiated by Tatars and Bashkirs in Uhta

author: Marina Shumilova

The participants of the portback election meeting of the Tatar-Bashkir national-cultural autonomy “BERDEMLEK” (unity) in the town of Uhta (Komi Republic) offered to erect the Friendship House there.

As the news-agency “Komi Online” reports, there are 11 national-cultural autonomies in Uhta: Germans, Georgians, Poles, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Komi, Cossacks, Jews, Tatars and Bashkirs have their national organizations.

“We want to unite our autonomies in order to solve our problems more efficiently” – the chairman of “BERDEMLEK” Lola Potapova says – “Besides, in such house we can open a library and organize the work of psychologists and lawyers”.

The national-cultural community “BERDEMLEK” is considered one of the largest and the most active autonomies in Uhta. According to the community’s regulations not only Bashkirs and Tatars may be its members but all those, who follow their culture and traditions.

As the deputy chairman of Uhta administration Aristarkh Anisimov tells, representatives of more than 100 nationalities live in Uhta for today and all of them work for the good of their Republic. In a whole more than 2 thousand Bashkirs and Tatars live in Uhta and 261 people are registered in “BERDEMLEK”.