23 March 2010, Tuesday, 13:48

Bashkortostan joined the European Immunization Week

author: Elena Makushina

In 2010, the European Immunization Week will be held from April 26 to May 1.

This wide-ranging action is annually organized in all the European countries on the initiative of the European bureau of the World Health Organization. The Russian Federation, including Bashkortostan, joined the action in 2006. This year it will be held for the fifth time.

According to the Directorate of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights for RB, owing to prophylactic immunization, there is currently no epidemics in the republic and infectious mortality rate also decreased. Such disease as natural smallpox was completely eliminated. Since vaccination was introduced into health protection practice, the number of cases of infectious diseases that can be kept under control by inoculations was hundred times lowered. At present, cases of poliomyelitis, diphtheria, and measles are not registered in Bashkortostan. Incidence of tetanus, whooping cough, mumps and German measles was reduced to isolated cases.

Additional immunization of the population within the framework of the "Health" Priority National Project over the 2009 to 2009 period brought actual results in reduction of the infectious morbidity rate in the republic. Over these years, additional immunization involved another two million people. Owing to vaccination, the cases of viral hepatitis became three times less frequent, the number of German measles 5000 times decreased, flu outbreaks became less intensive.