23 March 2010, Tuesday, 12:00

“Tabigat” launched the unit for safe liquidation of dangerous waste

author: Elvira Latypova

The state unitary enterprise “TABIGAT” launched the unit “FORSAGE-2”, meant for ecologically safe thermal liquidation of the dangerous waste (the third and the fourth class of danger).

The waste oil filters, oiled fittings, rags and other waste, polluted with oil, aren’t subject to burial and have to be utilized.

The unit represents two tanks, made of the alloyed heatproof steel. Due to high burning temperature (about 11000C) the complex organic compounds are fully decomposed into the simplest elements. The waste is burned down practically fully and the remains in the form of ashes make 3-5% of the original mass depending of the character of the waste burnt.

One mustn’t burn the waste, containing the highly inflammable substances (benzene, solvents etc), the ions of heavy metals and the halogen-containing waste (fluorine and chlorine-containing) in the unit.