23 March 2010, Tuesday, 11:14

The fifth volume of Bashkir encyclopedia is published in Ufa

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The scientific publishing house “Bashkir Encyclopedia” published the fifth volume of the seven-volume Bashkir encyclopedia. The volume consists of about 2300 articles, including almost 800 bibliographic ones, and contains more than 650 illustrations. The circulation is seven thousand copies.

The sixth volume of the encyclopedia will be prepared for printing in 2010 and the last seventh one – in 2011.

Publication of encyclopedias was restored in Bashkortostan at the beginning of 90s last century and, as the specialists say, this business faced good prospects. The publishing house jointly with the leading scientists of Bashkortostan prepared the plan of publications of the encyclopedic editions for 2012-2021. The plan includes publication of the multi-volume Bashkir encyclopedia in Bashkir language, the short Bashkir encyclopedia in Russian, English and Bashkir languages both on paper and DVD and the encyclopedias “Bashkirs” and “Mustai Karim”. In a whole the matter will concern 20 titles of the future editions, consisting of 30 books.

themes: publishing