22 March 2010, Monday, 10:09

Bashkir sportsmen won ten medals at the Paralympic Games-2010

author: Dmitry Slezin

The X Paralympic Games in Vancouver are over: 64 medals have been played out in five kinds of sports: Alpine ski, biathlon, cross-country skiing, hockey and curling. The Russian team has become the second in the team placing with 38 medals: 12 golden, 16 silver and 10 bronze ones. The German team is on the first place (13-5-6) and the Canadian team is on the third place (10-5-4).

Russians have become the first by the whole number of the awards (38): earlier we’ve never won more than 33 medals. Germans have become the second (24), Canadians and Ukrainians – the third (19).

On the final day of the Games the fourfold champion from Bashkortostan Irek Zaripov has won the silver medal in 1km-sprint among “sitting” sportsmen and his compatriot Cyril Mikhailov has also won the same medal among “standing” athletes.

Therefore Irek and Cyril have 10 medals on their score at these Paralympic Games: Zaripov won four golden and one silver medals and Mikhailov – three golden and two silver ones.