18 March 2010, Thursday, 11:52

Bashkir State Statistics Committee about social-economic development of the Republic in January-February

author: Elvira Latypova

The Bashkir State Statistics Committee issued some showings of social-economic development RB in January and February.

Thus, the circulation of all Republican organizations made 233 billion 95,1 million rubles – 126,3% as compared with the same period of time in 2009. The scope of shipped goods, works and services made 147,3 billion rubles (134,1%). The scopes of construction works made 6,18 billion rubles (102,8%) and scopes in agriculture made 9,2 billion rubles (102,2%).

122,4 thousand square meters of housing were put into exploitation during two previous months (104,5%).

The turnover of goods made almost 29,4 billion ton-kilometers (101,9%).

The retail trade circulation made 52,98 billion rubles (103,9%), public catering circulation – 2,26 billion rubles (97,6%) and the scopes of chargeable services for population made 21,9 billion rubles (102,5%).

The index of consumer prices and tariffs was equal to 102,8% and the index of industrial production – 103,7%.

themes: statistics